Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Riding a motorcycle may seem like the perfect way to get around, and there are many motorcycle lovers out there. However, operating this two-wheel bike takes different skills than driving a vehicle. If you are a new rider, it is important to understand that the crash risk for motorcyclists is much higher than for motorists, and the associated injuries are often serious, if not deadly. Following safety tips is imperative if you want to remain accident and injury free.

3 Safety Percautions You Can Take to Avoid Accidents

There are numerous things that other drivers on the road can do to keep motorcyclists safe, but ultimately motorcycle riders themselves need to do their part.

  1. Make yourself visible. One of the main reasons motorists get into accidents with motorcyclists is because they do not see them. Always ride with the headlights on, even during the day. Wear bright clothing and apply reflective materials to the bike. Practice defensive driving and assume the other vehicle does not see you. Be extra cautious at intersections or in front of driveways or parking lots. Always signal before changing lanes or turning, and keep on the lookout for other vehicles at all times.
  2. Ride responsibly. Another reason motorcycles are involved in crashes is because the riders do not follow the traffic laws. All new riders should take a rider education course and practice operating the bike in controlled areas. Obey traffic lights and signs, follow speed limits and do not whip in and out of lanes recklessly. You should also stay away from alcohol and drugs before getting on your bike.
  3. Inspect your motorcycle and wear protective gear. Experienced riders know to inspect their motorcycles before every ride. Check the tires and make sure they have the appropriate pressure and that the tread is not worn down. Check fluid levels, look for signs of gas or oil leaks and make sure the signal indicators and headlights work properly. Make sure the motorcycle mirrors are at the right angles for you to see behind you. Always wear a helmet, ankle-high boots, gloves and heavy denim or leather.

What is the Safest Motorcycle to Ride?

There is not necessarily one motorcycle that is safer to ride than others. There are numerous types of bikes and various brands, but the biggest factors in safety are the rider’s abilities, motorcycle maintenance and bike safety features.

For beginning riders, some motorcycle enthusiasts recommend purchasing a used bike at first. Not only is it less of an investment, but it also allows the rider to get a feel of the bike to see if it is the brand he or she likes. Resale value on motorcycles is also good, so many riders will get back close to what they paid for. If you need new parts for your bike, Yamaha motorcycle parts are popular and of good quality.

Keep Yourself and Others Safe

Riding a motorcycle is thrilling, and it is a fun way to get around. However, they can be dangerous. Operating the bike correctly and wearing the right gear, such as motorcycle helmets, will help reduce the risk of accidents.

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